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California Will Provide Faith-Free Rehab Programs for Nontheist Parolee

In response to demands from the American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center, the California Department of Corrections is no longer requiring parolee Taylor Bast, a nontheistic Buddhist, to attend a religious treatment program as a condition of his parole.

California State Senate Candidate Steve Hill: I’m An Atheist and Organizer for The Satanic Temple

He’s running on wholesome Satanic values.

Atheists Sue California School District for Not Sharing Their Scholarship Offers with Students

The only people this discriminatory policy hurts are the kids.

California To Permit Medically Assisted Suicide As Of June 9 : Shots – Health News : NPR

Terminally ill Californians will legally be able to get medicine from doctors to end their own lives. The end of the state’s special legislative session Thursday made it official.

California vaccine bill passes: Will ban religious and personal belief exemptions.

On Thursday lawmakers in the California State Assembly passed SB 277, a bill mandating that children in day care or school be vaccinated. The bill, which received 46 yeas and 30 noes, eliminates the personal-belief and religious exemptions, leaving intact only the medical exemption. Now the bill is in the…