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Younger Americans less likely to believe in God of the Bible

A large majority of Americans says it believes in God or a higher power, but those in the millennial generation are far less likely to say they believe in God as described in the Bible than are older respondents.

How Christian Slaveholders Used the Bible to Justify Slavery

American history’s Christian slaveholders—and, if asked, most would have defined themselves as Christian—had two favorites texts.

No God, No Bible: Jacinda Ardern Sworn in as New Zealand Prime Minister

Secular victory: Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s new prime minister, was sworn into office without the Bible, and without reference to God.

Bible Class At Public School In Kentucky: What Could Go Wrong? | Americans United

Recently, Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin signed into law HB 128, which allows public schools to offer a Bible class as an elective. What could possibly go wrong? Here at Americans United, we have two main concerns.

Trump Cabinet has Bible study meetings with pastor who wants ‘disciples of Christ’ to take over the government

Cabinet officials in the President Donald Trump’s White House meet for a weekly Bible study group led by a right-wing pastor dedicated to “making disciples of Christ in the Capitol” and spreading Christian fundamentalism among U.S. leaders.

The unemployed ‘shall not eat’: Texas Republican uses Bible to justify cuts to SNAP benefits

In their quest to gut SNAP (food stamps), Republicans often point to unemployed adults as freeloaders straining the system because they choose not to work.

This is What Happens When a Religious Studies Graduate Reviews the Bible on Amazon

Let’s hope this review is helpful to others.

Homosexuals ‘Worthy of Death’ Bible Verse Read Before Key Vote

House Republicans at a conference meeting heard a Bible verse that calls for death for homosexuals shortly before the chamber voted Thursday morning to reject a spending bill that included an amendment barring discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Bible was written way earlier than we thought, mathematicians suggest – ScienceAlert

Reading and writing was already common in Israel 2,600 years ago.

Holy Bible on list of ‘challenged’ books at libraries

NEW YORK (AP) — On the latest list of books most objected to at public schools and libraries, one title has been targeted nationwide, at times for the sex and violence it contains, but mostly for the legal issues it raises. The Bible. “You have people who feel that if a school library buys a copy of the Bible, it’s a violation of church and state,” says James LaRue, who directs the Office for Intellectual Freedom for the American Library Association, which released its annual 10 top snapshot of “challenged” books on Monday, part of the association’s “State of Libraries Report” for 2016. “And sometimes there’s a retaliatory action, where a religious group has objected to a book and a parent might respond by objecting to the Bible.”