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Denver’s Secular Hub unites non-believers in what one calls an “atheist church”

Every Sunday at a community center in Denver’s Whittier neighborhood, a group of non-believers gather at the Secular Hub for what one member calls “atheist church.”

Non-believers by far Australia’s largest single ‘religious’ group: Now give us the recognition we deserve | Atheist Foundation of Australia Inc

The godless in Australia say enough is enough.

Thoughts for Doubting Believers

So you’ve had a doubt or two. Or three. Take a deep breath, and let’s talk.

The Evolutionary Tree of Myth and Religion | Believers vs Non-Believers

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For believers, fear of atheists is fueled by a fear of death

Skepticism about the existence of God is on the rise, and this might, quite literally, pose an existential threat for religious believers.

The Angry Athiest: Why Some Believers Perpetuate A False Stereotype Of Skeptics

People believe atheists are angrier than believers, yet when innate feeling was measured, atheists did not reveal more irate feelings than others.