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Batman is An Atheist, DC Comics Confirms | ScreenRant

Batman comics reveal Bruce Wayne lost faith in God after the death of his parents – and how he tried to find something else to believe in.

Atheist Census – Numbers matter. Be counted.

Atheist Census – Numbers matter. Be Counted. Atheist Census is a project of Atheist Alliance International.

Spain’s New Prime Minister Is Atheist, Takes Oath Without Bible

Spain’s new Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is an atheist, and the the first Spanish Prime Minister to be sworn into office without a Bible or crucifix.

Here Are the 10 Scariest States to Be An Atheist

If you are trying to decide where in the country you want to plant your godless stakes, here are some places to avoid. Let’s be clear. It’s not like it’s easy to be an atheist anywhere in the U.S.

“How Can a Doctor Possibly Be an Atheist?” Asks Catholic Who Did No Research

This is the “everything is too complicated for me to understand” defense often employed by Creationists.

Saudi Arabia will execute ‘atheist for insulting the prophet’

Ahmad Al-Shamri renounced Islam and uploaded his views on social media. The religious police soon visited.

Losing Friends Over Atheism

Have you lost friends because you are an atheist? I’ve heard enough reports of this happening to make me suspect that it is not an uncommon experience.

Can an atheist win public office in Tennessee? We’ll find out Tuesday.

Gayle Jordan, a Democrat running for state senate in Trump country, will soon find out if an openly atheist candidate can win public office in Tennessee.

How does an anti-consumerist atheist celebrate Christmas?

The good thing about having to explain Christmas to my kids every year is that I get a lot of practice trying to figure out what it means. The twin pillars of the mainstream Caucasian Christmas…

Atheists Fight Hunger! – PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference

In 2015, we raised $7,575 and fed 30,300 people, at 25 cents a meal. Yes, that’s right. 25 cents a meal. Let’s do it again at the 2017 PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference! Please help with however much you can to support this effort. Let’s try and break $10,000 and feed 40,000 people!

OutreachLogoRWe will be working with a non-profit program called Outreach to organize a food packing event to be held at the PAStAHCon in Philadelphia, PA on the weekend of October 13th-15th, 2017.