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Newt Gingrich: Atheism Is More Dangerous To Christians Than Terrorists Are

Newt Gingrich – married three times, having cheated on two wives with their replacements – is decrying atheist values.

Losing Friends Over Atheism

Have you lost friends because you are an atheist? I’ve heard enough reports of this happening to make me suspect that it is not an uncommon experience.

Why Millennial Women Are Embracing Atheism

Danielle Schacter never thought she would become an un-Christian. “I slowly became more and more disgusted by the way I saw people treating others,”

Here are 8 ways the religious right wins converts – to atheism

If the Catholic Bishops, their Evangelical Protestant allies, and other Right-wing fundamentalists had the sole objective of decimating religious belief, they couldn’t be doing a better job of it. Testimonials at sites like ExChristian.net show that people leave religion for a number of reasons, many of which religious leaders have very little control over. Sometimes, for example, people take one too many science classes. Sometimes they find their faith shattered by the suffering in the…

Egypt to ban atheism in case it turns people gay

Politicians in Egypt are hoping to ban atheism in case it turns people gay, as psychologists claim it causes ‘mental imbalances and paranoia’

Atheism Has a Suicide Problem

Depression is a serious problem with in the greater atheist community and far too often, that depression has led to suicide. This is something many of my…

Every Day Is Sunday: As atheism rises, nonbelievers find one another

Jeff Newport can cite the Bible chapter and verse.

My Atheism Will Not Be Politically Correct

Or: Shit Atheists Say To Make Believers Comfortable.

Atheism as the Repudiation of One’s Family Values

For many religious parents, a child coming out as an atheist is perceived as a thorough rejection of their entire value system. No wonder they sometimes react poorly.

Kids Are Leaving Catholicism Because They See Atheism As “Smart” and Faith as a “Fairy Tale”

Even kids know not to believe religious lies.