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Arizona Tries To Delete Evolution From Science Standards

Science education under attack: Arizona Department of Education officials are trying to remove the word “evolution” from the state’s science standards.

Arizona Secular and Interfaith Leaders Support Atheist Lawmaker, Blast GOP Religious Prayer Rule | Phoenix New Times

A group of local faith and humanist leaders met at the State Capitol on Thursday to support atheist lawmaker Athena Salman, who was rebuked by…

Arizona’s Largest Women’s Health Network Obstructs Abortion Access Due To Religious Beliefs — Protect Thy Neighbor

Nicole Knight Shine wrote a fascinating investigative piece for Rewire about MomDoc, a Mormon-owned women’s health network in Arizona that uses religion to deny women the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare. Although MomDoc receives federal dollars via its Medicaid patients, the practice actively suppresses abortion access on religious grounds by forcing its staff to keep mum about Plan B emergency contraception or abortion providers.

Atheist lawmaker’s prayer sets off Arizona House dispute

An atheist member of the Arizona House denied the chance to deliver the chamber’s opening prayer by majority Republican leaders last month got the opportunity Thursday, only to see leaders rule his prayer didn’t pass muster and call up a Christian pastor.

Who Needs Bible Study? An Atheist Arizona Legislator Will Lead Secular Studies for His Colleagues

There’s no good reason for anyone to complain about this.

Another Candidate for Arizona State House Comes Out as an Atheist

Her District tips blue, so she has a fighting chance here.

To Counter Satanic Invocation, Arizona State Rep. Will Hold Prayer Rally to Protect Phoenix

While the Phoenix City Council in Arizona is deciding whether or not members of The Satanic Temple can deliver an invocation prayer at a meeting on February 17, State Rep. Kelly Townsend isn’t taking any chances.