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Is the Christian Right Driving Americans Away from Religion?

New research finds that, when evangelical organizations raise their profile by sponsoring a high-profile political campaign, a backlash ensues.

Younger Americans less likely to believe in God of the Bible

A large majority of Americans says it believes in God or a higher power, but those in the millennial generation are far less likely to say they believe in God as described in the Bible than are older respondents.

Pew Survey Shows Young Americans Are Still Marching Away from Religious Myths

Those numbers are sure to get worse for believers as the Donald Trump era continues.

The Number of Americans with No Religious Affiliation Is Rising

The rise of the atheists

One In Four Americans Believe God Decides Outcome Of Sporting Events, Study Says

A new study found that one in four Americans believe God has some hand in deciding who wins sporting events, such as the upcoming Super Bowl.

Americans are manipulated by fake news because religion has infected our politics: Peabody-winning journalist

Writer and reporter Kurt Andersen, in conjunction with Big Think, walked through the ways in which the United States has entered a kind of post-truth era. In a video, the linguistic expert on President Donald Trump’s speaking style explained that people seem to be losing IQ points year after year and it’s all due to a slow decline in truth. In 2012, he explained that the Republican candidates that agreed in the scientific theory of…

1 in 5 Americans are “Religious Liminals,” Says New Research

In a recent article published in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, NYU Sociology professor Michael Hout discusses the phenomenon of liminalism. Limen is Latin for “threshold.” Being liminal means you’re on the fence about religion. You either have one or you don’t, and that might change depending on when or how you’re asked.

Way More Americans May Be Atheists Than We Thought

After signing an executive order earlier this month that seeks to relax restrictions on the political activities of tax-exempt churches, President Trump said th…

A quarter of Americans are atheist, study suggests | The Kansas City Star

Researchers say atheism is growing, but prejudice against the faithless remains common.

Fewer Americans are practicing religion

Americans have less faith in organized religion than they did nearly a decade ago, a new study shows.

A staggering 21 percent of those surveyed said they don’t practice a “formal religion” — up from the 15 percent who said that in 2008, according to Gallup

“Religion is losing influence in society,” according to Gallup, which did not offer a reason for the decline. “This may be a short-term phenomenon or an indication of a more lasting pattern.”

Overall, 74 percent of Americans identified as Christian and 2.1 percent said they were Jewish; 1.8 percent said they were Mormon and .8 identified as Muslim, according to the pollsters.

Everyone else either claimed to be “none/ atheist / agnostic” or gave no response at all, researchers said.

The number of true believers has dropped dramatically since the 1940s and 1950s, when less than 3 percent said they practiced no formal religion.