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New International Religious Freedom Act a first for atheists

(RNS) The freshly signed Frank L. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act is being heralded by both atheists and Christians as a milestone.

In an act of uselessness, Tim Tebow rushes to pray for a man having a medical emergency

Tim Tebow is not a hero. You wouldn’t know that from some recent headlines this week after he “rushed to the aid” of a man having what looked like a heart attack on a recent flight. That is according to CNN.

Georgia’s Pastor Protection Act Is an Answer to a Problem That Doesn’t Exist

Last week after lengthy debate, Georgia’s Senate passed a controversial bill that blends two pieces of legislation: The Pastor Protection Act and the First Amendment Defense Act. Critics say that this combined legislation creates a broad license to discriminate.

When Satanists Act More Like Jesus Than Christians Do | Alternet

Members of the Satanic Temple find it easier than Christians to follow some of the teachings of Jesus.