Is the Christian Right Driving Americans Away from Religion?

New research finds that, when evangelical organizations raise their profile by sponsoring a high-profile political campaign, a backlash ensues.

Faith-based initiatives: Trump signs order on National Day of Prayer

The executive order repeals Obama administration rules limiting the ability of groups getting federal funds to preach to those they serve.

“How Can a Doctor Possibly Be an Atheist?” Asks Catholic Who Did No Research

This is the “everything is too complicated for me to understand” defense often employed by Creationists.

Trump to Sign Faith-Based Initiative Order Giving White Evangelicals More Power

We don’t need this. White evangelicals have too much political power already, and they’ve done plenty of damage with it.

Younger Americans less likely to believe in God of the Bible

A large majority of Americans says it believes in God or a higher power, but those in the millennial generation are far less likely to say they believe in God as described in the Bible than are older respondents.

Saudi Arabia will execute ‘atheist for insulting the prophet’

Ahmad Al-Shamri renounced Islam and uploaded his views on social media. The religious police soon visited.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses Have Created a “Recipe for Child Abuse”

Once again, former Witnesses are speaking out about how the cult pressured victims (and their families) to remain silent about abuse.

Chat with the founder of Black Nonbelievers on community building and public engagement

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: There are a lot of terms that float around with regards to formal non-religion. Those who are often termed “the Nones” or “the religiously unaffiliated.” They can be…

Pew Survey Shows Young Americans Are Still Marching Away from Religious Myths

Those numbers are sure to get worse for believers as the Donald Trump era continues.

Humanists File Brief in Florida Invocation Case

AHA files amicus brief in Florida invocation case.