Atheism as the Repudiation of One’s Family Values

For many religious parents, a child coming out as an atheist is perceived as a thorough rejection of their entire value system. No wonder they sometimes react poorly.

A Growing Number of Scholars Are Questioning the Historic Existence of Jesus

One radical notion is that the story of Jesus was a type of psychological warfare to pacify the Jews.

Kids Are Leaving Catholicism Because They See Atheism As “Smart” and Faith as a “Fairy Tale”

Even kids know not to believe religious lies.

Saudi Arabia to ‘inoculate’ children against Westernisation, atheism and liberalism

Saudi Arabia is launching a programme to “inoculate” children against Westernisation, atheism, liberalism and secularism. They were listed as threats to “ideological security”, ahead of the danger from extremist groups including Isis and al-Qaeda and sectarianism.

New International Religious Freedom Act a first for atheists

(RNS) The freshly signed Frank L. Wolf International Religious Freedom Act is being heralded by both atheists and Christians as a milestone.

The Quintessential Book of Advice for Atheist Parents Just Got Bigger and Better

Every atheist parent should read this book.

The Biggest Religious Imposition Fight Teed Up for 2017 – Rewire

The First Amendment Defense Act is exactly the kind of weaponized legislation religious conservatives have been fighting for since the 1990s and the passage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Leah Remini Just Answered All Of The Internet’s Questions About Scientology, And It’s Eye-Opening.

‘I hope that its abusive practices come to an end. I’m all for people believing in things that are decent.’

Wi-Fi, not nightstand bibles, is the new religion at hotel rooms across the US — Quartz

Hotels guests are seeking a connection with something they cannot see. But no longer of the spiritual kind. Religious materials, particularly bibles, have been a nightstand staple at American hotels for decades. Yet innkeepers are now ditching holy books for more modern amenities. A survey conducted by the American Hotel and Lodging Association and hotel research firm STR found…

Religion and gambling have the same effect on your brain

Finding Jesus can feel a lot like falling in love, winning an award or getting high because all of these events activate the same reward circuits in the brain,…