Anthea Butler: The grand jury report about Catholic priest abuse in Pennsylvania shows the church is a criminal syndicate

A searing report of abuse and cover-ups in six dioceses in Pennsylvania exposes the rot at the core of the Catholic church.

Catholic church abuse: Survivors ‘tired of talk,’ demand action

Clergy sexual abuse survivors stood outside of the Harrisburg diocese Monday demanding support for statute of limitations reform, among other things.

In Argentina, There’s a Movement to Help People Quit the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church has done enough damage to Argentina that these protesters are fighting back.

Batman is An Atheist, DC Comics Confirms | ScreenRant

Batman comics reveal Bruce Wayne lost faith in God after the death of his parents – and how he tried to find something else to believe in.

Will other states follow Pennsylvania on church abuse?

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Attorneys general around the U.S. have been largely silent this week about any plans to conduct an investigation like Pennsylvania’s that uncovered widespre

A pro-LGBTQ church will brew its own beer & give the profits to Planned Parenthood

After Sunday services, their church will turn into a bar.

A Guide to All the Drama Roiling the Satanic Community

The Satanic Temple is currently embroiled in drama that involves Twitter, a lawsuit, the alt-right, and somehow, ’80s child-star Corey Feldman.

New research confirms substantial majority of Scottish people are not religious and not spiritual

A new report, commissioned by Humanist Society Scotland, reveals that a substantial majority (59%) of Scottish people do not hold either religious or spiritual beliefs. The research carried out by Survation, polled over 1,000 Scottish residents about a range of issues relating to their religious affiliations and beliefs.

Why America’s ‘nones’ don’t identify with a religion | Pew Research Center

Six-in-ten religious nones say the questioning of religious teachings is a very important reason for their lack of affiliation. But nones are far from a monolithic group.

Fundamentalist Christian Men Pine For The 1950s Because They Called The Shots Then

Religious Right leaders and their followers make it clear that they’re pining for the 1950s. This is a common affliction among the Religious Right. How they love that Golden Era of families, faith and freedom! There’s just one problem: It’s wasn’t so golden for lots of people.