17 Catholic Churches Close Down Permanently In New York | Occupy The Vatican

Teary-eyed and angry Catholic parishioners across New York attended final mass services on Friday in some of dozens of churches closing or stopping regular worship services. The closures follow an announcement by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York in November that it would consolidate 368 parishes into 294, reflecting…

For Atheist Students, Back-To-School Can Be Stressful – TheHumanist.com

It’s that time of year—summer is reaching its end and children are anxiously awaiting one of the most stressful days of the year: the first day of school. When I think back to my school days, I remember the wave of worry that consumed my mind as I slowly made my way to the bus […]

I Asked Atheists How They Find Meaning In A Purposeless Universe

If there’s no afterlife or reason for the universe, how do you make your life matter?

Catholic Bishops In Kenya Call For A Boycott Of Polio Vaccines : Goats and Soda : NPR

Africa marks one year without polio on Tuesday. But there are now concerns in Kenya, where bishops have declared a boycott of the vaccine on the eve of a WHO polio vaccination campaign.

The 30 Least Religious Cities In The United States

The 30 Least Religious Cities In The United States

Churchix Facial Recognition Software for Event Attendance – Face recognition software Face recognition software

Churchix facial recognition software is an event attendance desktop application. Churchix identifies event attending members in videos and photos.

New York holds last mass services before dozens of Catholic church closures

74 Catholic churches in New York have closed this past weekend, “reflecting a national trend of parish closures in the United States caused by low attendance, a shortage of priests and financial troubles” It’s a start.

Indiana public school punishes 7-year-old with ‘banishment’ for not believing in God: lawsuit

Indiana public school punishes 7-year-old with ‘banishment’ for not believing in God: lawsuit

Catholic Priest Explains Why Other Religious Beliefs are Silly

“I’ll take ‘No True Scotsman’ fallacies for a thousand, Alex.”

When we give up a faith, we grieve for the community we leave behind | Brandon G Withrow | The Guardian

Stepping away from a faith isn’t just a belief sea change. It’s also a large loss – of culture, and sometimes family