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Idaho’s Christy Perry Defends Followers of Christ Religious Exemption | The New Republic

And yet, most U.S. states have exemptions for parents who withhold medical care on religious grounds.

184-I-DOUBT-IT: ‘The Hotline Project’ Launches To Help Those Struggling Between Faith And Atheism

(RNS) A new crisis hotline for those struggling between faith and atheism launched Friday (Feb. 27).

Called “The Hotline Project,” the 24-hour free service will match volunteers with people who are considering leaving religion. It is a…

Woman died after Muslim nurse refused to help as he was praying – Telegraph

An elderly woman was left on the floor at a care home for up to ten minutes
because a nurse was praying, an inquest heard.

Americans Turning Away From Organized Religion in Record Numbers | Alternet

What’s the future of religious institutions in the U.S.? Answer: None.

Guru convinced 400 men to castrate themselves to be closer to God

‘Guru of Bling’ collects testicles for God: An Indian spiritual leader is accused of convincing up to 400 followers to remove their testicles, claiming that by doing so the men would be able to speak directly to God.

Announcing the Launch of the Secular Hotline Project!

Announcing the Launch of the Secular Hotline Project!

Poll: 57% Of GOPers Support Making Christianity The National Religion

Poll: 57% Of GOPers Support Making Christianity The National Religion

Bruder Spaghettus Seeks German Approval of 'Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster' – disinformation

Pastafarians are after equality in Germany. Rüdiger Weida aka Bruder Spaghettus founded the“Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” in Templin, Germany of last year.

Atheist comedian runs for state senate – National atheism |

California’s 21st state senate district is holding a special election on March 17.

Federal court approves settlement requiring Warren to give atheists equal access to city hall – Freedom From Religion Foundation

In a victory for religious freedom, a federal judge today approved a settlement requiring the City of Warren to allow an atheist to set up a “reason station” inside city hall after the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the ACLU, and Americans United for Separation of Church and State sued in response to city officials’ efforts to allow only a “prayer station” to operate inside the public building. In the settlement, city officials reversed course and agreed to provide the “reason station” with full, equal access to the building.