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Catholic Bishop: Secularism And Birth Control Is To Blame For Pedophile Priests

Bishop Thomas Paprocki joined other church leaders in blaming secular culture and birth control for church sexual abuse.

Changing Public Attitudes Toward Atheists

If atheists in the U.S. want to increase our political influence, improving voter turnout and changing public attitudes toward atheism should be among our goals.

Broadway Star Patti LuPone Says Christian Right ‘No Different’ from al-Qaeda: ‘Someone Needs to Say It’

Patti Lupone has won two Tony awards and is legendary on Broadway as well as the London stage. And it was from London where last week she told The Guardian that

Here are 6 ways religion does more bad than good

Most British people think religion causes more harm than good according to a survey commissioned by the Huffington Post. Surprisingly, even among those who describe themselves as “very religious” 20 percent say that religion is harmful to society. For that we can probably thank the internet, which broadcasts everything from Isis beheadings, to stories about Catholic hospitals denying care to miscarrying women, to lists of wild and weird religious beliefs, to articles about psychological harms…

Unable To Discriminate, Catholic Charities End Adoption Program Over Gay Parents

Barred from discriminating against same-sex parents, Catholic Charities of Buffalo will instead close its doors.

This Incredible Document Explains How Faith-Based Policies Affect Every State

Do yourself a favor and see how your state measures up.

Religious freedom: Coalition review supports right of schools to turn away gay students and teachers

The report contains a series of proposed changed to anti-discrimination legislation, including amended changes to the Sex Discrimination Act which would allow religious schools to discriminate against students on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship status.

Pope Francis: Abortion is like hiring a “contract killer”

Pope Francis made the remarks during an address to worshippers in the Vatican.

Oh God: ‘lesbian-feminism’ is a religion now

The Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft has been given Tax Exempt Status as a ‘place of lesbian faith’. How will we be tested by the high priestess?

Ex-Muslims banned from Houston Hilton Starbucks for Atheist shirts | Ex-Muslims of North America

On Saturday, September 1st, Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) volunteers were forcibly expelled from a Starbucks within a Hilton hotel in Houston, Texas, after refusing to change out of T-Shirts.