Slaves, Dinosaurs and White Jesus, Oh My! How Taxpayers Fund Crazy Christian Conservative Education

Slaves who accepted Jesus into their hearts were better off than the ones who held on to African religions. Black people were pretty happy under Jim Crow until Northerners messed everything up. Noah brought dinosaurs onto his ark and Africans had dinosaur puppies, but the Nazis don’t want you to know that.

Texas Education Board Debates Moses As Founding Father

Conservative Christians in Texas use public schools to teach students that Moses influenced the U.S. Constitution and other Bible based non-sense.

Military Advocacy – How and Why Jun 13th – Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers

Join Jason Torpy, President of MAAF and Army Captain, and Jason Lemieux, CFI Director of Government Affairs and former Marine Sergeant, for training on advocacy about and by military members and veterans. Both are also Iraq war veterans. The discussion will be hosted by the Sarah Levin, Director of Grass Roots and Community Programs for the Secular Coalition for America. Training will be held online June 13th at noon eastern time, no charge.

Project Blitz: the legislative assault by Christian nationalists to reshape America

Since Donald Trump became president, Christian groups have provided state politicians with ‘model bills’ to help frame laws that target Christian messages across American society

Michigan’s marriage law unfair to non-religious, lawsuit says

The Center for Inquiry has filed a federal lawsuit to allow non-religious celebrants solemnize marriage.

Religious ‘nones’ vote their conscience too — they’re just not all liberal or conservative

Those who profess no faith tend to have one thing in common: a dislike of politicians who put religion above the Constitution. And they vote accordingly.

Here Are 5 Founding Fathers Whose Skepticism About Christianity Would Make Them Unelectable Today

Thomas Jefferson believed that a rational form of religion would take root in America. Was he ever wrong. To hear the Religious Right tell it, men like George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were 18th-century versions of Jerry Falwell in powdered wigs and stockings. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The epidemic of denial about sexual abuse in the evangelical church.

In too many communities, the first instinct is to suppress victims’ claims.

Spain’s New Prime Minister Is Atheist, Takes Oath Without Bible

Spain’s new Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez is an atheist, and the the first Spanish Prime Minister to be sworn into office without a Bible or crucifix.

Bill requiring display of ‘In God We Trust’ at public schools becomes law

Louisiana’s public school districts will have to display the motto in each building under its jurisdiction by August 2019.