No God, No Bible: Jacinda Ardern Sworn in as New Zealand Prime Minister

Secular victory: Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s new prime minister, was sworn into office without the Bible, and without reference to God.

What Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Fails to Address

What Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Fails to Address (Above is the picture of the Wyoming) There are many, many flaws with the Genesis story of Noah’s Flood, and there are many articles debunking it as well. So to add the case we will debunk just the size and construction of the wooden Ark alone. The ark was purported … Continue reading What Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Fails to Address →

1 in 5 Americans are “Religious Liminals,” Says New Research

In a recent article published in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, NYU Sociology professor Michael Hout discusses the phenomenon of liminalism. Limen is Latin for “threshold.” Being liminal means you’re on the fence about religion. You either have one or you don’t, and that might change depending on when or how you’re asked.

Young People Are Abandoning Religion Long Before They Go to College

Young people are less indoctrinated from an early age than ever before, and it’s hurting organized religion.

In Newspaper Rant, Pastor Dreams of Nation In Which Non-Christians Are Banished – Friendly Atheist

What’s scary is that a newspaper published this like it was no big deal.Imagine if a Muslim or atheist said the same sorts of things.

Secular Coalition Calls Religious Liberty Guidelines An Attack on the Rule of Law | Secular Coalition for America

Secular Coalition of America’s official statement in response to sweeping new guidelines from the Department of Justice that turn religion into a get-out-jail-free card

Mike Pence Promotes Christian Theocracy

Trump may be a buffoon, but Mike Pence is a cold, cruel, religious extremist with dreams of a Christian theocracy.

Paper Currency Celebrates 60 Years of ‘In God We Trust,’ Atheist Plans to Not Spend Any

One atheist has made it his goal to remove the motto from U.S. currency.