White Christians now a minority among US population, study finds

The share of Americans who identify as white and Christian has dropped below 50 percent, a transformation fuelled by immigration and by growing numbers of people who reject organised religion altogether, according to a new survey released Wednesday.

Study: Atheists behave more fairly toward Christians than Christians behave toward atheists

Psychologists have long known that people tend to favor their own group over others, a social phenomenon known as ingroup bias. But new research provides e …

Ken Ham Has No Idea What “Light-Year” Means

A man whose entire life is dedicated to miseducating children proves, once again, why the answers are never in Genesis.

Darren Adam Shreds Caller Who Says Atheists Are “Too Lazy” To Care About Religion

This caller was left seething with Darren Adam’s take on religion, so the LBC presenter decided to take him on.

Here’s How Atheists Are Helping People in Houston After Hurricane Harvey

A letter to the editor in a Kentucky newspaper yesterday asked a simple question:

Lee Descendant Forced Out of Church After Denouncing White Supremacy on MTV

More of that white Christian love: Rev. Rob Lee IV, a descendant of Robert E. Lee, was forced to leave his church after denouncing white supremacy on MTV.

British Social Attitudes: Record number of Brits with no religion

The fall in religious affiliation has been driven, at least in part, by young people. In 2016, seven in ten (71%) of young people aged 18-24 said they had no religion, up from 62% in 2015.

An Insider’s View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America

In deep-red white America, the white Christian God is king. As the aftermath of the election of Donald Trump is being sorted out, a common theme keeps cropping up from all sides: “Democrats failed to understand white, working-class, fly-over America.”

Joel Osteen’s collection plate video: Church passed around during service with Harvey victims

Maybe try skipping that part just this once?

Trump’s Call For A National Day Of Prayer Divides Rather Than Unites

We’ve watched from afar the devastation and tragedy brought by Hurricane Harvey to the Gulf Coast of Texas. Our hearts are with those who are just beginning the recovery process. As difficult as the past week has been, there is some comfort in watching, as we often do, Americans coming together to aid those in the area through donations and volunteering.

Rather than focus on what has brought everyone together, however, President Donald Trump today held a press event in the Oval Office with a bevy of religious fundamentalist leaders and signed a proclamation declaring Sunday as a National Day of Prayer. (Texas governor Greg Abbott issued a similar proclamation.)