Colorado school intentionally failed student because of her outspoken atheism: lawsuit

An atheist teenager is suing her former high school and alleging that its teachers intentionally flunked her due to her views on religion — and ruined her chances of getting into the college of her choice. The Denver Post reports that Cidney Fisk this week filed a lawsuit against the Delta County Joint School District No. 50 by claiming that her Christian teachers sabotaged her chances of getting into college because she criticized them for allegedly using their…

Atheists Fight Hunger! – PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference

In 2015, we raised $7,575 and fed 30,300 people, at 25 cents a meal. Yes, that’s right. 25 cents a meal. Let’s do it again at the 2017 PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference! Please help with however much you can to support this effort. Let’s try and break $10,000 and feed 40,000 people!

OutreachLogoRWe will be working with a non-profit program called Outreach to organize a food packing event to be held at the PAStAHCon in Philadelphia, PA on the weekend of October 13th-15th, 2017.

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Men Wear Blindfolds At Airport To Avoid Seeing ‘Immodest’ Women

It’s just the latest example of religiously-motivated unusual behavior involving airports and planes.

Majority of Scots say they are ‘not religious’

The Humanist Society says the findings show Scotland needs to “stop blurring the lines of church and state”.

Two Atheists Visited Ark Encounter and This Is What They Saw Inside – Friendly Atheist

Do yourself a favor and watch this.If nothing else, you’ll save yourself a $40 entry fee + $2.40 in sales tax + $0.50 for the safety fee + $10 for parking.

Jesus Camp: An Atheist’s Experience at an Evangelical Retreat

My father had just picked me up from my job and we headed over to his church to meet the rest of his fellow church “family”. He had invited me to an all-male religious retreat an hour away north of…

America’s Changing Religious Identity

A seismic survey of American religious and denominational identity—the largest of its kind ever conducted—chronicles changes in the US religious landscape.

Texas Churches Are Suing FEMA for Excluding Them in Disaster Relief Grants

Using taxpayer funds to rebuild these churches would be a complete violation of church/state separation.

Kirk Cameron: God sent the hurricanes to teach you ‘humility’

According to Cameron, the suffering caused by the megastorms over the Atlantic are because God doesn’t think you’re humble enough. [Ed: And also, from all of us here at Modern Atheism: Fuck this guy. Thank you.]

Irish priesthood hits 222-year-record low – only six sign up

The Bishop of Kerry has warned that there are so few priests in Ireland that a regular Sunday Mass will soon be a thing of the past.