Atheists Respond to Mayor Taylor’s Poverty Comments | The Daily

Over the past weekend, a video of Mayor Ivy Taylor sharing her thoughts on systemic poverty has spread quickly across the internet — sparking national…

Arizona Secular and Interfaith Leaders Support Atheist Lawmaker, Blast GOP Religious Prayer Rule | Phoenix New Times

A group of local faith and humanist leaders met at the State Capitol on Thursday to support atheist lawmaker Athena Salman, who was rebuked by…

Trump Cabinet has Bible study meetings with pastor who wants ‘disciples of Christ’ to take over the government

Cabinet officials in the President Donald Trump’s White House meet for a weekly Bible study group led by a right-wing pastor dedicated to “making disciples of Christ in the Capitol” and spreading Christian fundamentalism among U.S. leaders.

An Atlanta Theater Faces Criticism for Gay Versions of Bible Stories

What if it really was Adam and Steve? That’s what the Out Front Theater Company in Atlanta, which stages shows created only by people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning, will set out to answer for audiences during a three-week run of “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told,” starting April 27.

New study shows number of American atheists underreported – Religion News Service

(RNS) Could the actual number be as high as 26 percent?

I’m a millennial ‘none,’ but I still want Easter (Opinion) –

Many millennials are nonbelievers who have dropped the religious affiliation but still crave community, kinship and meal with friends at holidays such as Passover and Easter, Jill Filipovic says.

Alabama Senate OKs Fundamentalist Christian Church Police Force

Theocracy alert: A large fundamentalist Christian church in Alabama is set to have its very own police force. Say “Hello” to the American Taliban.

The Fear of Supernatural Punishment and Not “Big Gods,” Gave Rise to Societal Complexity

Researchers used a technique from biology to illustrate how Pacific Asian cultures developed.

Waterloo atheist calls on ‘holy trinity of science’ in Iowa House invocation

An atheist urged members of the Iowa House to “invoke the holy trinity of science made up of reason, observation and experience” as they went about their work Wednesday.

The unemployed ‘shall not eat’: Texas Republican uses Bible to justify cuts to SNAP benefits

In their quest to gut SNAP (food stamps), Republicans often point to unemployed adults as freeloaders straining the system because they choose not to work.