An Atheist Attorney Filmed a Commercial At (a Very Empty) Ark Encounter

No wonder the Ark’s bad for the local economy.

The Atheists Struggling to Find Secular Therapy in the Bible Belt

The rise of faith-based counseling in America’s most Christian regions has brought the clash over religious liberties to the therapist’s couch.

How atheist campaigner Madalyn Murray O’Hair became America’s most-hated woman | Life and style | The Guardian

Melissa Leo stars in Netflix’s upcoming biopic of the contentious figure who was ridiculed and largely forgotten about – but who often talked sense

Religious countries likely to perform worse in science and maths, study finds | The Independent

Students in religious countries are likely to perform worse in science and maths than their more agnostic or atheist counterparts, new research has found.

I’m Raising My Child Without Religion, And Don’t Worry, They’re Not Going To Be A ‘Bad Person’ – Scary Mommy

“You’re going to get the baby baptized, right?” I took a breath and exhaled. I knew what was coming next, and so I composed my thoughts before speaking. I knew I had to say more than “no.”

Critical Thinking Instruction in Humanities Reduces Belief in Pseudoscience | NC State News | NC State University

A new study finds that teaching critical thinking skills in a humanities course significantly reduces student beliefs in “pseudoscience” that is unsupported by facts.

Study finds religious factors linked to searches for online pornography in the United States

A state-level analysis has found that religion is correlated to searches for online pornography in the USA. The study, published in the The Journal of Sex …

Watch A Priest, Rabbi And Atheist Smoke Weed And Talk Religion

Holy bong hit.

America’s Empty-Church Problem

The culture war over religious morality has faded; in its place is something much worse.

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Surveys reveal the least religious, most atheistic population centers in the world.