One-Quarter Say God will Determine the Super Bowl’s Winner—but Nearly Half Say God Rewards Devout Athletes

Ahead of the Super Bowl, a PRRI survey analyzes views on God’s role in sports, women’s leadership in the NFL, and so-called “participation trophies.”

Christians Outnumbered By Atheists In England And Wales, Religious Identity Report Reveals

New research charts the decline in religious identity.

Christian Leaders Are Concerned by Trump's Order on Refugees – The Atlantic

Many religious groups have urged the president not to give Christians priority in seeking asylum, but some conservative political organizations back his new ban on refugees.

1442 Reasons Christianity is False | It is not true, just a myth

Most Christians fail to comprehend the implications of the belief system they embrace. Much of what they ‘ know’ about their religion is a highly sanitized version that is promoted by their priests and pastors. Few bother to read and understand what is written in the Bible or think critically about what Christian doctrine implies.

Each point listed below presents a claim for questioning the authenticity of Christianity. In total, they lay out a convincing case that Christianity is untrue. This is based on the premise that a true, factual religion guided by a supernatural god would be precise, flawless, authentic, transcendent, unmatched, unique, prescient, prophetic, revelatory, internally consistent, and scientifically accurate. In Christianity, we see none of these elements.

Surprise! The U.S. Doesn’t Appear on List of Top 50 Countries Where Christians Face Persecution

A non-profit group that tracks (legitimate) Christian persecution around the world just released a list of the “50 countries where Christians face the most severe persecution for their faith.”
To the surprise of Religion Right leaders, I assume, the United States didn’t make the cut.

America Isn’t Growing Hostile Towards Christians, It’s Growing Hostile Towards Religious Bullies.

It seems like not more than a day or two goes by without hearing it from somewhere: America is growing hostile towards Christians. A growing number of Christians– a shocking amount, actually– are convinced that America’s glory days are over and that Christians are now a marginalized group on the verge of having all of [Read More…]

Jeff Sessions Said ‘Secularists’ Are Unfit for Government

The attorney general nominee told a right-wing extremist that ‘without God, there is no truth.’ How would he enforce the country’s secular laws then?

Without Tax Exemptions, Christianity Will Collapse. (Sort Of.)

At least, that’s what a Christian Bible College teacher says. He might be right–at least about his corner of the religion.

Trump’s Top Pick For Ag Secretary Advocates Prayer For Drought Relief

Trump’s top pick for Agriculture Secretary is a Christian extremist who believes prayer is a reasonable government response to drought.

Most states’ child abuse and neglect laws have religious exemptions | Pew Research Center

Child abuse statutes in 34 states, D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico allow an exception if medical treatment for a child conflicts with parents’ religious beliefs.