Robert P. Jones on the End of White Christian America – The Atlantic – The Atlantic

The decline of a once-powerful majority is going to have profound implications.

New Analysis: 26 million voters with no religion could turn out on Nov. 8, dwarfing previous records – Freedom From Religion Foundation

MADISON, WIS. – More than 26 million voters with no religion could turn out on Nov. 8, dwarfing previous records and providing the power to sway the d…

Two Harvard divinity school graduates explore religion and spirituality in new Harry Potter podcast — Quartz

Fandom often inspires the same zealousness that faith does, and the devotion to Harry Potter is no exception. Since the release of the first Harry Potter book in 1997, the fantastical series about a young wizard has become the best-selling of all time, with a film franchise and merchandise worth more than $21 billion combined (and that’s not…

Atheists Reflect on the Impact of The God Delusion Ten Years After Its Release

The book changed many lives.

ATHEIST Beer Is Now Available At Frontman's Bar – Metal Injection

For non-beerlievers.

Go Ahead And Break The Law, Ky. Governor Tells Pastors | Americans United

“There is no reason to fear it; there is no reason to be silent,” Bevin claimed. “And that we have been exhorted and encouraged to have this boldness and this spirit, to be unapologetic, and I would encourage you to do it.”

Atheists Are Raising Funds to Help Hurricane Matthew Victims

God won’t help in this situation, but your donations will.

When Debate Is Futile: Bertrand Russell’s Remarkable Response to a Fascist’s Provocation – Brain Pickings

“The emotional universes we inhabit are so distinct, and in deepest ways opposed, that nothing fruitful or sincere could ever emerge from association between us.”

The Danger of Claiming that Rights Come from God

To many, there’s an appeal to the argument that rights come from God. But freedom is much more secure if we realize that rights flow from humanity progress.

Faith-Healing Exemptions to Child-Abuse Laws in Tennessee and Other States

Many states don’t consider it “abuse” to rely on faith healings when kids get sick. Why isn’t this a bigger issue?