Atheists and agnostics growing in numbers – News –

The elder of her two daughters is getting married next month in what Dana Hahn Gellis describes as “a secular ceremony — no church, no prayers, no ‘gathered before God.’” Gellis, a Wanaque resident, adjunct professor at Montclair State University and a learning consultant in the Montclair public schools, is an atheist, as is her husband, Dave.

Happy Halloween! Answers in Genesis Wants to Scare Your Kids

May the imaginary deity of your choice hold me back if I ever see someone put one of these in my kids’ Halloween bags.

Turkey: Recalling secularism after 93 years

Currently going through one of its most traumatic years in 2016, the Turkish Republic celebrates its 93rd anniversary on Oct. 29 embroiled in a number of problems.

How to Be an Atheist?

An atheist is someone that does not believe in gods or deities. Just like religious people, atheists have their own boundaries, beliefs, and ethical stances, and any two atheists may exercise their lack of religion in completely different ways. In order to be an atheist, you must decide what it means to you to live without religion — whether your background is religious or secular. You must define your own morals, face your own mortality, and figure out how to respectfully explain your beliefs to your religious peers.

Religious People Less Likely To Understand How The World Works

Religions aren’t exactly famed with being in touch with modern culture, but it seems their followers might not even be in touch with reality.

​An Atheist Is Taking on Alcoholics Anonymous in Bid to Get God out of 12 Steps | VICE | Canada

Is the word “God” triggering to secular recovering alcoholics?

PennDOT backtracks on denial of atheist’s vanity plate request

PennDOT officials on Thursday reversed a decision to refuse a Crafton man a vanity license plate that speaks to his identity as an atheist, blaming …

Why Congress needs an openly atheist member, now

Congress is an extremely human place where the personal experiences of its members are critical to everything they do.

After School Satan? Church-state group plays devil’s advocate in public schools

Lucien Greaves wants After School Satan to mirror the success of Christian after-school clubs. But atheists can be just as leery of his creed. So what is Satanism anyway?

With so few people going to church, they may no longer need to hold Sunday services

The Church of England is considering scrapping a law that requires churches to hold services on Sunday, after a big drop in the number of people going to church. A paper posted on the organisation’s website reveals leaders are discussing plans to relax the centuries-old law that states services must take place every Sunday. The update was posted by the Bishop of Willesden, chair of the Church’s Simplification Task Group which is tasked with simplifying and modernising church canons (rules).