The Democratic Party is losing its religion faster than America as a whole

The Democratic Party is popular among Americans who aren’t active in religious communities, while the Republican Party continues to enjoy high levels of support from Protestants.

Humanists in Scotland launch legal bid to give students the right to opt out of religious observance in schools. | Separation of Church and State

Humanists in Scotland launch legal bid to give students the right to opt out of religious observance in schools. Humanists have launched a legal challenge to give pupils the right to opt out of religious observance in Scottish schools. The Humanist Society Scotland (HSS) is to seek a judicial review at the Court…

Atheists Offered To Meet John Kasich In Person After The Governor Displayed Slytherin-like Intolerance | Richard Dawkins Foundation

Former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich doesn’t understand Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe. During a stop in New Hampshire last week, Kasich entered a bookstore. After picking up a copy of one of the Harry Potter books, the Ohio governor more typically known for his sunny disposition wondered aloud about Radcliffe’s religious affiliations.

Americans Really, Really Don’t Like Partisan Politicking From The Pulpit

There has been more debate than ever this campaign season about whether or not houses of worship should be permitted to endorse or oppose candidates for office. This is mostly thanks to Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, who has repeatedly said that if he is elected he will end legal restrictions that keep churches from acting like political action committees.

Phil Robertson rails against secular humanism at Value Voters Summit.

First, the very notion of a “value voters summit” is plain stupid. All voters have values, and acting like they don’t if they’re not in your camp is about the dumbest thing since the last time Donald Trump opened his mouth. What’s more, I’m happy to debate whose values are better (mine).

Catholics Are Leaving the Faith by Age 10 — So What Can Parents Do About It?

Researcher Mark Gray at the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate stated the ‘whole…

God, child abuse, and the limits of religious freedom in America

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American Atheists to Ohio Gov. John Kasich: Apologize for Your Remarks About Actor Daniel Radcliffe

Kasich hasn’t apologized for his remarks.

How Camp Quest Oklahoma Will Be Using the Money That a Christian Charity Refused

Children will be helped with this money after all!

Ohio Governor Attacks Daniel Radcliffe For Being An Atheist

Ohio Governor John Kasich insults Daniel Radcliffe for being an atheist.