The Predatory Side of Religion

Some of us have good reason to keep our misfortunes to ourselves.

NEW YORK: Democratic State Senate Candidate Vows To Erase Gay Couples From Textbooks Because Jesus

The New York Daily News reports: A Democrat waging a primary campaign in Queens vowed to fight to bar pictures of same-sex couples from appearing in school textbooks. S.J. Jung, who is challenging incumbent Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky in the Sept. 13 primary, made the remarks in March to a group made up primarily of …

Mother Teresa: The biggest Con Job of the Twentieth Century

In another bizarre incidence, Mother Teresa said to a man in excruciating pain dying of terminal cancer that he should consider himself fortunate: “You are suffering like Christ on the cross. So Jesus must be kissing you.” Befittingly, the man replied, “Then please tell him to stop kissing me.”

Why some Americans left religion behind | Pew Research Center

With the percentage of U.S. adults who do not identify with a religious group growing, we asked these people to explain, in their own words, why they left.

Get to Know Openly Secular Candidates – Secular Values Voter

Educating candidates on secular voters

No Pastors Have Been Forced to Officiate a Gay Wedding (and Hardly Anyone’s Asking Them To)

It’s like Christians weren’t hurt at all by marriage equality…

Ultra-Orthodox rabbis ban women from going to university in case they get ‘dangerous’ secular knowledge

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbis have banned women from going to university, The Independent has learned. The strict Satmar sect issued the decree, seen by The Independent, warning that university education for women is “dangerous”. Written in Yiddish, the decree warns: “It has lately become the new trend that girls and married women are pursuing degrees in special education. Some attend classes and others online. And so we’d like to let their parents know that it is against the Torah.

Lesbian pastor forced to resign by United Methodist Church after she comes out

After Sept. 1 Rev. Cynthia Meyer will no longer be a pastor and cannot be hired by any United Methodist church, all because she came out to her congregation.

Christian Privilege in Mississippi

It can be difficult to live in Mississippi without noticing the Christian privilege that is so pervasive here. Many isolated examples are fairly trivial; the cumulative impact is not.

Democrats diss atheists, but still count on our votes

The nonreligious voter bloc and its significant subpart, atheists and agnostics, are a big deal for Democrats. And what thanks do we get? Snubbed on a good day and open hostility on one that’s not so good.