Teaching Students Philosophy Will Improve Their Academic Performance, Shows Study | Big Think

A recent study demonstrates significant benefits of teaching young students philosophy.

Three More Candidates for Statewide Office Announce Their Non-Theism Before the Primaries

There are a lot of atheists running for office this year.

Satanic prayer at council meeting disrupted by crowd

A satanic prayer held at Pensacola city council meeting was disrupted by a crowd Thursday night. Police escorted people out of the meeting.I saw community of people come together and take a stand for what was right, explained Bruce Gullie.

Westminster University achieves national first by hiring first-ever paid secular adviser for staff and students | News | Student | The Independent

The University of Westminster has achieved a national first by appointing the first-ever paid secular adviser for non-religious staff and students. Trained and accredited by the British Humanist Association (BHA), the charity says Isabel Millar’s role will be the first to address the fact that non-religious people are “unlikely to accept emotional and spiritual support from a religious adviser.”

Women in Secularism 4

A Center for Inquiry Conference · September 23 – 25, 2016

‘Pastafarian’ fights to wear pasta strainer in license photo | Chicago Sun-Times

A Chicago-area woman wants to sue for the right to wear a pasta strainer, but she’s been ordered to get another driver’s license photo without one.

Bill Nye says he hopes that the Ark Encounter goes bankrupt and closes before it is completed

Bill Nye the Science Guy paid a visit to Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter and he wasn’t impressed.

The Way of the Heathen offers a new look at navigating the atheist life

Too often I hear from atheists that being an atheist defines very little about who they are. That their non-belief in god may not even appear in a top 10 list of things they feel are important to them.

We’re All Biased, but That Doesn’t Keep Us from Making Valid Decisions

We can oftenbelieveconclusions we reach even when we know that we arrived at themin a biased way

The kids of Jesus Camp, 10 years later: ‘Was it child abuse? Yes and no’

The controversial 2006 documentary about an evangelical church camp outraged secular audiences, but its subjects have mixed memories