The Ugly in Christianity

For many, there is a deep-seated political hatred, racism, and bigotry hidden behind the guise of Christianity. And I’m tired of keeping quiet. As a pers…

In U.S., The Number Of Adults Who Are Atheists Has Almost Doubled Since 2007

“Estimating the number of atheists in the U.S. is complicated. Some adults who describe themselves as atheists also say they believe in God or a universal spirit. At the same time, some people who identify with a religion (e.g., say they are Protestant, Catholic or Jewish) also say they do not believe in God.”

The Indian miracle-buster stuck in Finland – BBC News

An Indian man who made his career exposing miracles and the feats of holy men as myths is in exile in Helsinki afraid of jail and attacks if he returns home.

Curt Schilling: Poor, Persecuted White Male Christian

Ladies and gentlemen, can we please join in a moment of silence to meditate upon the horrible fate of the white male Christian in this country? It’s the only group that can be persecuted anymore, according to Curt Schilling, an ignorant bigot who used to be able to throw a ball really fast.

Homosexuals ‘Worthy of Death’ Bible Verse Read Before Key Vote

House Republicans at a conference meeting heard a Bible verse that calls for death for homosexuals shortly before the chamber voted Thursday morning to reject a spending bill that included an amendment barring discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Fantasy of the Deathbed Conversion – The New Yorker

Lawrence M. Krauss on evangelical Christians’ claims of religious conversion by famous intellectuals like Christopher Hitchens and Charles Darwin.

Instituto Manquehue – Self-Proclaimed Prophet Attempts To Walk On Water, Instead He Sinks And Is Eaten By Crocodiles

A well known prophet from White River in Mpumalanga has died after attempting to walk on water. When prophet Jeremiah Mahlangu (35) attempted to show off in front of hundreds of church goers who were part of a baptism that was held at Mgwenya River…

Was Jesus a Roman Hoax to Trick the Jews?

Joe Atwill purports to have discovered proof that Jesus of Nazareth was merely a fabrication of first-century Romans, who created his gospels as a way to quell the messianic fervor of the Jews.

How Life of Brian is starting a revolution against the Church

The Church in Germany still has a relationship to the state much closer than in many other western democracies. But the public showing of a British comedy classic could change that.

Arizona’s Largest Women’s Health Network Obstructs Abortion Access Due To Religious Beliefs — Protect Thy Neighbor

Nicole Knight Shine wrote a fascinating investigative piece for Rewire about MomDoc, a Mormon-owned women’s health network in Arizona that uses religion to deny women the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare. Although MomDoc receives federal dollars via its Medicaid patients, the practice actively suppresses abortion access on religious grounds by forcing its staff to keep mum about Plan B emergency contraception or abortion providers.