Three Warning Signs That Village Atheism Is Your New Religion –

I recently came across an open attempt to “diss” secular social justice activism. In the interest of not igniting some kind of flame war, I’ll just say that the author’s intent was clear but the reasoning vacillated between simplistic and specious.

Christian Quiverfull Leader Hosts Retreat to Arrange Marriages for Kids, All Without Their Consent

But remember: It’s Target bathrooms we should really be worried about.

Major atheist rally scheduled in D.C.

Thousands of atheists and their allies are expected to converge on Washington, D.C., next month for a “Reason Rally.” The first Reason Rally, held in D.C. in 2012, attracted about 20,000 people in the rain, according to organizers.

THE NON-FINE-TUNED UNIVERSE: The Astronomical Failure of the Cosmological Argument for Theism

Theists commonly argue that we live on a cosmological knife-edge. Numerous physical constants are said to be so vital to our existence that even the slightest change in any one of them would have produced an eternally lifeless, barren cosmos. If the gravitational constant, for example, had been scaled up or down by only a miniscule factor, or the electromagnetic or cosmological constants perturbed in the slightest, life as we know it could never have come into being.

New Atheists Are Just As Dangerous As Religious Extremists, Says Incredibly Ignorant Columnist

It’s appalling that the Bangor Daily News felt this was worthy of publishing.

Man seeks restraining order against God | The Times of Israel

Haifa resident asks court to keep the Almighty away, claiming He is being mean to him

The National Day of Prayer: Insidious and Invidious | Psychology Today

The annual National Day of Prayer is a tradition that doesn’t go as far back as you may have thought.

Christian ‘prophet’ has his buttocks mauled by a lion during South Africa safari

Alec Ndiwane, a Zion Christian Church prophet, was attacked on a safari while trying to show that God would save him in front of fellow church members in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

Secular Parents Are Homeschooling Their Kids Due to Faith-Based Bullying in Public Schools

You’re better off at home than dealing with Christian bullies.

After Compromise, Atheists Will Finally Be Allowed to Join Unitarian Universalist Boy Scout Troops

We shouldn’t be settling for an under-the-table concession.