If You Raise Your Kids Without Religion and They Join a Faith, Wouldn’t You Think That You Failed?

I’d be kicking myself if my kids became religious; wouldn’t you?

Saudi Official Explains Why Atheism is Terrorism

A while back, Saudi Arabia began to classify the advocacy of atheism as being the same thing as committing terrorism. A reporter from Al Jazeera interviewed the Saudi UN Ambassador and asked him to defend this. The answer is every bit as ridiculous and fascist as one would expect.

An Atheist in the White House: Secularism and the American Presidency – Harvard Political Review

Why does religiosity remain a requirement to become the president of a country in which almost of a quarter of its citizens claim no religious affiliation?

Some myths about atheism – Michael Nugent

I had a discussion on Politics.ie today about atheism and Atheist Ireland. I’m reproducing here some of the responses I made to comments about atheism and Atheist Ireland policy. Myth 1 – Atheism is a religion Atheism is not a religion. It […]

Christian author’s book on famous atheist gets him on Fox, MSNBC

Larry Taunton’s new book on famous atheist Christopher Hitchens, who died in 2011, has gotten rave reviews from prominent atheists, and prominent Christians.

Hit-and-miss atheist scores hit over ‘Missing Man’

An atheist who fights religious expression in the U.S. armed forces has forced the military to yank Bibles from displays honoring missing war veterans.

Letting them die: parents refuse medical help for children in the name of Christ

The Followers of Christ is a religious sect that preaches faith healing in states such as Idaho, which offers a faith-based shield for felony crimes – despite alarming child mortality rates among these groups.

Watch: Bill Maher Explains Why Churches Should Pay Taxes

Tax the Church: Bill Maher makes a powerful case for ending the tax exempt status for religious institutions.

Will Science Drive Religion Extinct? | RealClearScience

Religion is declining in America.This is actually something fairly new. For decades, religion has been on the wane in developed countries worldwide, with statistical models going so far as to…

Of Science And Faith, As Discussed By A Physicist And A Cardinal : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

The essence of a constructive dialogue between faith and science is to recognize that we are all in this together — and that our perplexity at being alive is one and the same, says Marcelo Gleiser.