Parliament speaker says secularism should have no place in new constitution – Turkish Minute

Turkish Parliament Speaker İsmail Kahraman has said the country’s new constitution should not include the principle of secularism, calling for a new charter which is “religious.”

This is What an Ex-Mormon Had to Deal With Because He Dared to Question Church Doctrine

This isn’t the behavior of a faith that believes its own mythology.

The Vatican Just Put a Convicted Rapist Back in a Parish – The Daily Beast

This may be the worst case we’ve ever seen. What does a priest have to do to get kicked out of the Catholic Church?

Court smacks down Kansas Christians for labeling evolution a religion to force school ban

A federal court rejected the argument from a Christian group in Kansas which said that evolution was religious “indoctrination” and should not be taught in schools.

Why Science Is Not in Conflict with Religion –

SCIENCE AND RELIGION have had a long, rich history of conflict, most famously with the case of Galileo, who was found guilty of heresy for discovering one of the basic truths of our solar system.

Atheist pastor sparks debate by ‘irritating the church into the 21st century’

Can a minister in a Christian church be an atheist? That’s the question facing the United church of Canada as it wrestles with the case of Gretta Vosper

Prince ‘overdosed on Perocect’ before being found dead at his Paisley Park estat

Prince ‘overdosed a week ago on Percocet taken for a chronic hip problem’: Star suffered for years ‘but refused to get an operation because of his Jehovah’s Witness faith’

You wouldn’t believe it but atheism is now world’s third biggest ‘faith’ after Christianity and Islam

A study, based on extensive data for the year 2010, also showed Islam and Hinduism are the faiths mostly likely to expand in the future while Judaism has the weakest growth prospects.

Black Atheists Explain What It’s Like to Be a ‘Double Minority’

We talked to five black atheists about what it’s like to be black in America and reject the the idea of a higher power.

Religion isn’t growing, it is becoming vigorous in its demise, says philosopher AC Grayling

It often seems as though religion is bigger than ever, being at the root of so many of the world’s conflicts, but philosopher and author of Against All Gods Anthony Grayling thinks this is paradoxically a sign that it is in its ‘death throes’.