Most people in Scotland ‘not religious’ – BBC News

More than half of people in Scotland now have no religion, according to the Scottish Social Attitudes survey.

50 Priests and Religious Leaders Were Involved In Child Rape… In a U.S. Diocese of Just 100,000

Whenever I read of clergy sexually abusing children, I wonder whether the perpetrators really believe in God and the Bible. If they did — if they truly believed they put their immortal souls at risk for treating children as fuck toys — wouldn’t they have stopped short of inflicting their crushing harm? Or, to ask a damning question more typically hurled at atheists: Where do these people get their morals from?

What if atheists treated Christians the way Christians treat atheists? | DeadState

The religion debate will be an ongoing thing, regardless of how science and culture “evolve.”

But in light of the silly “War on Religion” hysteria that’s disseminated by the right, it’s important to think about how it would look if the shoe was on the other foot — and that’s what Dustin Curry does so well in the video below.

Using Atheism To Reduce Maternal Mortality In Nigeria

If you are one of those who think that atheism is of no benefit to Africa and Africans, that disbelieving in god has no social value or significance for this

Atheists deserve a place in interfaith dialogue

In The Straits Times report, “Youth in Singapore Shunning Religion” dated March 21, 2016, it was reported that those who identified with “no religion” have increased from 17 per cent in 2010 to 18.5 per cent last year. Of this group, a large proportion are between 15 and 34 years old.

Christians Are Still Persecuted Around the World. Here’s Where. – The Daily Beast

Last Sunday’s Easter bombing in Pakistan targeting Christians should come as no surprise—Christians are persecuted around the globe.

The Arkansas Teacher Story Gets Even Worse

Man, the story of that Arkansas teacher who shows The Passion of the Christ to his students was even worse than I thought. He accompanied that with a right-wing political rant and a quiz about the movie that was pure proselytization. It could have come from a Sunday school class. And that teacher has a history:

So Long, Self: How Christianity Teaches You to Hate Yourself

One of the great joys of living in the Bible Belt is that you can hear Christian music played overhead almost anywhere you go. Just last weekend I had to make stops at a coffee shop, a gym, a fried chicken place, a doughnut place (I know, the irony), a clinic office, and a pharmacy, and every single one of those places was playing Christian music.

Bill Grants Churches the Power to Make ‘Soldiers of God’ Who Can Legally Kill Citizens Like Cops – The Free Thought Project

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