An Excellent Takedown of the Fine-Tuning Argument

Remember: Improbable doesn’t mean impossible.

Proselytizing High School Teacher Thinks He Got Fired Because He’s a Christian

“This isn’t persecution. This isn’t even the plot of God’s Not Dead 3. This is just a teacher who thinks the rules don’t apply to him because he loves Jesus. He deserves to be fired.”

China Aims to Tighten Grip on Religion as Believers Grow

With China’s constitution formally guaranteeing freedom of religion, country’s leadership increasingly concerned about rising stature of Christians, Muslims

Christians to flock to massive atheist rally in D.C.

Call it resistance with love. A massive gathering of atheists that takes place every year in Washington, D.C., will now face some concerted counterpointing, thanks to the rally call of one church in California for those of Christian faith to travel to the freethinkers’ scene to try and change hearts.

Atheist Whose Invocation Was Cut Off Early at TN City Council Meeting Will Get a Second Chance

This would never have happened to a Christian.

Arkansas State Sen. Jason Rapert Blames “Godless Secular Humanists” for Target’s Bathroom Policy

Target isn’t doing this at the request of atheist executives.

Jamie Raskin, An Openly Humanist U.S. House Candidate from Maryland, Just Won His Primary

Finally, a candidate who doesn’t hide the fact that he’s not religious.

Your View: State-church separation guarantees our freedoms – Opinion – – New Bedford, MA

A recent op-ed by James Grady misunderstood the U.S. Constitution and the concept of religious freedom it enshrines (“Your View: Defend your religious freedom,” April 17).Government officials cannot use their government offices to promote their personal religion. Principals, teachers, judges, and mayors occupy offices that are public trusts, which belong to “We the People,” not the temporary officeholder. If a legislator were to use his office for personal financial gain it would

Colorado Court Refuses to Hear Case of Christian Baker Citing Religious Beliefs | Mediaite

The Colorado Supreme Court refused to hear the case of a Christian baker who cited his religious beliefs, letting a lower court ruling stand: the bake shop

The Disturbing Truth About Mercy Multiplied, a Christian Counseling Center

If you thought faith was a virtue, read this.