Disney, Marvel ready to boycott Georgia if religious liberty bill passes

They’re ready to bolt.

An Interview with Atheist Rapper Greydon Square |

An Interview with Atheist Rapper Greydon Square by Andrew J. Rausch He is best known as an atheist emcee hailing from Compton, California, known as Greydon Square. His real name is Eddie Collins. He was an Iraq war veteran and is an outspoken atheist. He majored in both physics and computer science in Phoenix, Arizona.…

Secular values triumph in culture war: Study finds prayer and belief in God have hit all-time low

The percentage of Americans who believe in God has reached an all-time low.

Homophobia Exists Even Among Brilliant Scientists

Worldviews are colliding. You expect to see elements of homophobia at churches or schools full of immature kids. But not when a group of scientists get together. What could they possibly have against expressions of LGBT pride?

School board member tells atheists to ‘crawl back into their hellhole’ if they don’t like ‘Christmas break’

A Nebraska school board member fought a losing battle to bring back the designation “Christmas break” in place of the proposed “winter break” on the school calendar and invited atheists to “crawl back in their hellhole” if they didn’t like it, reports Omaha.com.

Study: Fewer Americans are praying now than anytime in U.S. history

According to a new study released today by San Diego State University in the journal Sage Open, fewer Americans are praying now than in any time in the country’s history, and that Americans are increasingly ditching their belief in God.

Choosing My Religion – The Atlantic

The changing experience of faith among young people in America

U.S. churches are now costing taxpayers $71 billion a year

A new study says that tax exempt churches in the United States are costing its citizens $71 billion each year in tax breaks.

Study finds 18 percent of people 60 and younger attend church | Daily Mail Online

Around the world, people are beginning to turn their backs on religion. A new study reveals the US is no longer the exception; with each passing generation, Americans too are steadily becoming less religious.

Lust, Lies And Empire: The Fishy Tale Behind Eating Fish On Friday : The Salt : NPR

An old myth holds that Catholics eat fish on Fridays because of a secret pact a medieval pope made to sell more fish. That’s just a fish tale. The real story behind fish Fridays is way better.