Vatican says bishops not obliged to report clerical child abuse. | Occupy The Vatican

Vatican says bishops not obliged to report clerical child abuse.  The Catholic church is telling newly appointed bishops that it is “not necessarily” their duty to report accusations of clerical child abuse and that only victims or their families should make the decision to report abuse to police.

‘Violence more common’ in Bible than Quran, text analysis reveals

An analysis into whether the Quran is more violent than the Bible found killing and destruction occur more frequently in the Christian texts than the Islamic. Investigating whether the Quran really is more violent than its Judeo-Christian counterparts, software engineer Tom Anderson processed the text of the Holy books to find which contained the most violence.

Richard Dawkins stroke forces delay of Australia and New Zealand tour | Science | The Guardian

Author of The God Delusion suffered ‘minor stroke’ in UK and is now recuperating at home

CUBA: Pope Francis & Head Of Russian Orthodox Church Issue Joint Denouncement Of Gay Marriage – Joe.My.God.

This just in from the “oh, how ironic” dept.: Progressive Pope Cuddles™, leader of the world’s largest pedophile ring, and his Russian equivalent sign statements devoting same-sex marriage.

‘Atheists Make Better Lovers,’ Grass Roots Group Claims In Santa Ana Billboard « CBS Los Angeles

Valentine’s Day began as a religious holiday, but a grass roots group claims “atheists make better lovers.”

Catholic bishops not obliged to report clerical child abuse, Vatican says | World news | The Guardian

Vatican guide says ‘not necessarily’ bishop’s duty to report suspects to police despite Pope Francis’s vows to redress Catholic church’s legacy of child abuse

Politician comes out as atheist to reduce stigma against nonbelievers

“There has been a lot of highly visible discrimination against minority faiths and nonbelievers in this state recently. When the Phoenix City Council held an emergency meeting to discuss whether it would allow the nontheistic Satanic Temple to offer an invocation, I heard a lot of inflammatory things said about secular Arizonans. There’s too much animosity against my community for me to be silent any longer.”

Antiscience bill in Mississippi | NCSE

House Bill 50, introduced in the Mississippi House of Representatives and referred to the House Education Committee on February 8, 2016, would, if enacted, allow science teachers with idiosyncratic opinions to teach anything they pleased — and prohibit responsible educational authorities from intervening.

West Virginia Republicans Push For A Law Making Any Crime Committed For Jesus Legal | If You Only News

West Virginia Republicans are trying to squeeze a new through the state legislature that would literally eliminate laws if you can prove Jesus made you do it. That’s right, if they get their way, you’ll be able to cook meth, rob people, rape, pillage and murder if you can show that your religious beliefs, or more specifically your Christian beliefs, not only allow it but require it.

Children with a Religious Upbringing Show Less Altruism – Scientific American

Organized religion is a cornerstone of spiritual community and culture around the world. Religion, especially religious education, also attracts secular support because many believe that religion fosters morality. A majority of the United States believes that faith in a deity is necessary to being a moral person.