How Secular Are Secular Ethics? – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Spinoza, Voltaire, Darwin, Marx, secretly inspired by Christianity? Not so fast.
Jennifer Michael Hecht explores the origins of secular ethics in The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Tennessee senate: OK to deny counseling to LGBT patients due to religious beliefs

Opponents argued that counselors shouldn’t be allowed to deny treatment of people in crisis because they are gay, transgender or practice a different religion.

Tech company to leave Georgia after religious freedom bill passed |

One local company says it’s moving its headquarters out of Georgia.

Black Atheism in America – The Vermilion

94 percent of black Americans are either absolutely or fairly certain about God’s existence. That is overwhelming and far higher than the national average.

GUEST OPINION: Atheism, not Christianity is a myth | Colorado Springs Gazette, News

This just in from the “Students… Aren’t They Adorable?” Department.

Why I Left the Right: How Studying Religion Made Me a Liberal

It was January 20, 2001, and I was at George W. Bush’s inaugural ball. I had spent months campaigning for him, and it had not been easy. After the Florida electoral debacle complete with “hanging chads,” Katherine Harris (and her fifteen minutes of shame), and ultimately the Supreme Court’s Bush v. Gore decision, I was finally enjoying the fruits of my labor as I celebrated the new president that I worked to get elected.

Irish Atheists, Evangelicals and Muslims unite for Secularism

Atheist Ireland, the Evangelical Alliance of Ireland, and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community speaking together in support of separation of church and state

Legislation to Protect LGBT Hate Crime Victims May Fail in Utah Due to Mormon Church Opposition

If the Church doesn’t want the legislation passed, odds are it won’t get passed.

Put an Atheist on the Supreme Court – The New Yorker

Lawrence M. Krauss’s case for why the next Supreme Court Justice should be a declared atheist.

Pope Francis: Donald Trump Is Not A Good Christian

“I say only that this man is not Christian if he said things like that.” Or to put it another way, even the “Right Hand of God™” is prone to the occasional No True Scotsman fallacy.