What Should Atheists Say When Someone Sneezes?

“I acknowledge that you sneezed.”

Judge: Priest does not have to disclose alleged abuse discovered during confession

Judge: Priest does not have to disclose alleged abuse discovered during confession

The Ethical Dilemma: Can I Tell My Parents I’m an Atheist? – TheHumanist.com

Joan Reisman-Brill advises a 16-year-old whose Christian parents want them baptized.

Another Candidate for Arizona State House Comes Out as an Atheist

Her District tips blue, so she has a fighting chance here.

The Reason Rally Returns With Johnny Depp, Bill Nye, And Other Famous Nonbelievers: DCist

Come all ye unfaithful, there’s a large-scale rally on the Mall for you, too.

Nearly 6,500 People Have Resigned from the Mormon Church Thanks to One Lawyer and a Website

This is what happens when leaving the Church is only a few clicks away.

Georgia Already Backtracking Its Controversial Anti-LGBT “Religious Freedom” Bill

“Republican Governor Nathan Deal says he doesn’t support the bill in its current form, due to how much it would cost the state.” Forget how many citizens it discriminates against. Hell, forget their own religious beliefs! What about the money?! Not the precious dollars!

Georgia’s Pastor Protection Act Is an Answer to a Problem That Doesn’t Exist

Last week after lengthy debate, Georgia’s Senate passed a controversial bill that blends two pieces of legislation: The Pastor Protection Act and the First Amendment Defense Act. Critics say that this combined legislation creates a broad license to discriminate.

Bernie Sanders Makes Stunning Statement On His Spirituality

Bernie Sanders was asked about his spirituality at CNN’s Democratic Town Hall in Columbia, South Carolina. Here’s his amazing response.

Actor Johnny Depp Will Speak at Reason Rally 2016

No word on whether Tim Burton will be joining him.