What Not to Say to Someone Who Has Been Hurt By Church | RELEVANT Magazine

Many of the responses below I’ve witnessed firsthand. In the past, I’ve even been guilty of saying a few of these myself.

Here are a few things not to say to someone who has been hurt by their church:

Religion and gender inequality: The status of women in the societies of world religions | Kamila Klingorová and Tomas Havlicek – Academia.edu

By Kamila Klingorová and Tomas Havlicek in Religion and Geography of Religion. The status of women in society is very diverse worldwide. Among many important traits associated with the differentiation of gender inequality is religion, which itself

No religion is the new religion | Andrew Brown | Opinion | The Guardian

Most Britons under the age of 40 now say they have no religion. As atheism takes hold, is this the beginning of the end for Christianity in this country?

What Pope Benedict Knew About Abuse in the Catholic Church – The New Yorker

Alexander Stille on the abuse that occurred under Georg Ratzinger, the Pope’s brother, and what Benedict knew about sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

Why atheism is surging around the world – The Brock Press

For Professor Owen C. Thomas, a former physicist and current president of the American Theological Society, atheism is experiencing what he refers to as a global ‘surge’. In other words, all over the world, fewer and fewer people are thinking of themselves as religious.

Dear Prudence: How should an atheist express sympathy without sending prayers?

Mallory Ortberg, aka Dear Prudence, is online weekly to chat live with readers. An edited transcript of the chat is below. (Sign up below to get Dear P …

Ken Ham calls Newsweek anti-Christian for further exposing his Ark Encounter discrimination

On Saturday, Newsweek ran a great expose on the Ark Encounter and the employment discrimination that led to the park losing its $18 million tax incentive.

Don’t Believe in Christian Privilege? These 15 Examples Will Leave No Doubt

This author was raised as a Christian, and here’s what she’s learned about how Christianity is normalized in the US – while everyone else has to deal with the awful consequences.

Forget the Advice on Cracked; These Atheist Arguments Can Genuinely Help People

Writing for Cracked, atheist Luke McKinney offers a list of arguments that we should stop making because they’re ineffective at winning people over to our side. Or, to put it in his words, they’re “not helping anyone.”

That’s a fair premise. If there are things we say that are off-putting, let’s educate ourselves and stop perpetuating those ideas.

But the list he presents is far off the mark.

Church of England collapse strengthens the case for a secular UK

Weekly attendance at Church of England services has fallen below 1 million for the first time – bolstering the argument for a secular state.