Simon Conway Morris drinks the Jesus Kool-Aid: humans’ ability to do math proves God « Why Evolution Is True

If you’ve followed the career of Simon Conway Morris, the famous Cambridge paleontologist, you’ll know about his work on the Burgess Shale as well as his refutation of Stephen Jay Gould’s thesis that the animals in that formation represented fundamentally novel phyla that died out due solely to “historical contingency.” You might also know that Conway…

Religious Rehab Ruling Defies Logic, Violates Florida Constitution, Says Center for Inquiry | Center for Inquiry

Judge Rules Christian Substance Abuse Programs for Former Prisoners Is Not “Sectarian”

15 Screwed Up Catholic Ideas That May Affect Your Sex Life Even If You’re Not Religious |

I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty. ~John Waters The Catholic hierarchy is obsessed with sex: who does it, when, how, with whom, and for what purpose.  In fact, I might argue that one of the most fundamental ways conservative religion hooks people is by creating deep psychological hang-ups…

National Secular Society – A new secular settlement is necessary for a country where “no religion is the new norm”

A new secular settlement is necessary for a country where “no religion is the new norm”

The National Secular Society has stressed the need for a new secular settlement after a YouGov survey for Lancaster University found that 46% of UK adults consider themselves to have “no religion”, compared to just 42% who say they are Christian.

Church That Has Never Paid Taxes Demands Taxpayer Money For Playground «

Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbia, Missouri has never paid a dime in taxes. But it seems church officials still believe that they are entitled to get free stuff, at the expense of those of us who do pay them.

Colorado school district pushes Christian ‘purity’ training for 11-year-old girls to find future husbands

Parents in Colorado have complained that a school district used its email system to advertise a Christian event which uses Bible lessons to encourage girls as young as 11 to stay “pure” while looking for a husband.

The 20 Most Influential Academic Books of All Time: No Spoilers | Open Culture

Sometimes I’ll meet someone who mentions having written a book, and who then adds, “… well, an academic book, anyway,” as if that didn’t really count. True, academic books don’t tend to debut at the heights of the bestseller lists amid all the eating, praying, and loving, but sometimes lightning strikes; sometimes the subject of the author’s research happens to align with what the public believes they need to know.

‘Royal wedding’ of atheist group, Richard Dawkins Foundation, launches woman to top post – Religion News Service

It’s like a royal wedding in the small world of atheist organizations: the Center for Inquiry and the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science are merging to form the largest reason-based organization in the U.S.

Children dying of treatable illnesses and Idaho law protects the practice

Linda Martin grew up in a religious sect called Followers of Christ. Members rely on faith healing alone. Members including children do not have access to even the most basic healthcare such as antibiotics.

“It’s not Stage 4 cancer (that’s killing children). It’s pneumonia you’re talking about an antibiotic… diabetes maybe a small shot of insulin or a pill… food poisoning… dehydration… fever,” Martin said.

Raising Children Without Religion May Be A Better Alternative, Suggests New Research | Bustle

Gone are the days of the unyielding God-fearing mother as the archetype of good parenting, suggests a recent article from the Los Angeles Times. According to multiple reports, research has shown that a secular upbringing may be healthier for children. According to a 2010 Duke University study, kids