Just Be Good for Goodness’ Sake: Humanism and Charitable Giving

Humanists give because we know a higher power won’t save us; we have to save each other. It’s about being good because it’s the right thing to do.

International Humanist Group Issues Report on Anti-Atheist Discrimination Around the World

International Humanist Group Issues Report on Anti-Atheist Discrimination Around the World

100 years ago, Americans talked about Catholics the way they talk about Muslims today – Vox

Anti-Catholic fervor even led to violence.

Icelanders flock to religion revering Sumerian gods and tax rebates | World news

Ancient Zuist movement enjoys revival as thousands join as part of protest against requirement that citizens pay taxes to state church

24-Hour Broadcastathon!

Our mission is to cultivate a secular society through entertainment and public education, to eradicate discrimination, and promote equality. What better way can we accomplish those goals, than to help young people build a secular future? We hope you’ll clear your calendar for Saturday Dec 12 – Sunday Dec 13, beginning at 1PM Central Time, to help us do just that.

Zombie nativity scene draws $500 a day fine from town as Christian protesters descend

“According to Sycamore Township officials, Dixon needed a permit for the macabre display this year. But when he applied he was turned down, and now he faces a fine of $500 per day for every day he leaves it up.”

4 Ways Satanists Are Improving the U.S. Government | Care2 Causes

The Satantic Temple, a cheeky religion if there ever were one, is quick to seek the same questionable privileges the government grants to Christians.

Britain is no longer a Christian country and should stop acting as if it is, says judge | Richard Dawkins Foundation

A two-year commission, chaired by the former senior judge Baroness Butler-Sloss and involving leading religious leaders from all faiths, calls for public life in Britain to be systematically de-Christianised.

Iceland: New religion aims to cut church-state ties – BBC News

Zuists want to end state funding for religious organisations.

What Americans get wrong: survey reveals biggest misconceptions | US news | The Guardian

Survey measuring gap between public perception and reality reveals Americans vastly overestimate the number of immigrants and atheists in US