Understanding (and Refuting) the Arguments for God | Big Think

Skeptic Michael Shermer presents ten major arguments for the existence of God — and counters each one.

When Satanists Act More Like Jesus Than Christians Do | Alternet

Members of the Satanic Temple find it easier than Christians to follow some of the teachings of Jesus.

Why the Internet is slowly strangling religion – Salon.com

Increased access to information is making it more difficult for faiths to exert total control over their followers

Science is My Religion, Says Monk Who Won Rs 65 Lakh Prize For Math – NDTV.com

Until recently the holder of a bank account with just a few thousand rupees, Professor Mahan Maharaj, an ascetic monk, is today the winner of a Rs 65 lakh-prize for his work in geometry.

On the Futility of Using Jesus to Make People Care

On the Futility of Using Jesus to Make People Care

‘Battling the Gods: Atheism in the Ancient World,’ by Tim Whitmarsh – NYTimes.com

“The philosopher Sydney Morgenbesser, beloved by generations of Columbia University students (including me), was known for lines of wit that yielded nuggets of insight. He kept up his instructive shtick until the end, remarking to a colleague shortly before he died: “Why is God making me suffer so much? Just because I don’t believe in him?” For Morgenbesser, nothing worth pondering, including disbelief, could be entirely de-­paradoxed.”

Bakery Owner Puts Up Sign Telling Customers to Leave if They Don’t Want to Hear “Merry Christmas”

The same people who think there is a “War on Christmas” are the only ones making a war out of Christmas.

Rules Are for Schmucks: Religious Arbitration – TheHumanist.com

The New York Times has been running a series of articles exposing a major shift in American dispute resolution, away from the use of civil courts and toward reliance on out-of-court “arbitration.” Instead of using a government-employed judge and a full-blown trial, arbitration typically relies on a private citizen arbitrator, using vastly simplified (and therefore […]

Nonbelievers on the rise in the Bible Belt?

With the Skepticon atheist convention this weekend and a variety of new social and political outlets, local secular folks are making their voices heard.

Kasich: Create agency to promote Judeo-Christian values – CNNPolitics.com

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Tuesday that he would create an agency to broadcast “Judeo-Christian, Western values” in hostile countries as part of a broader war of ideas that he says the U.S. is losing.