Why Do Atheists Have a Problem with Religion?

This person has a few ideas…

The Top 10 Ways to Avoid Becoming An Atheist – Modesto Atheism | Examiner.com

10. Don’t go to college. Book learnin’ is for sinners. 9. If you do go to college, don’t take an Introduction to Philosophy course.

Navy lawyers defend rejection of atheist chaplain

Jason Heap was a 38-year-old former youth minister with a master’s degree in divinity from Texas Christian University when he applied to become a

8 Awesome Atheist Leaders Who Aren’t Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris | Alternet

Atheism has great leaders, with widely varying points of view. And these eight are the tip of the iceberg.

For believers, fear of atheists is fueled by a fear of death

Skepticism about the existence of God is on the rise, and this might, quite literally, pose an existential threat for religious believers.

The Satanic Temple to unveil ‘Baphomet’ monument in Detroit | Blogs | Detroit Metro Times

The Satanic Temple plans to unveil the completed statue for the first time in Detroit next month.

5 simple chemistry facts that everyone should understand before talking about science | The Logic of Science

One of the most ludicrous things about the anti-science movement is the enormous number of arguments that are based on a lack of knowledge about high school level chemistry. These chemistry facts are so elementary and fundamental to science that the anti-scientists’ positions can only be described as willful ignorance, and these arguments once again…

A Letter to My Mother, Who Just Learned About My Lack of Faith | Holly Baer

Dear Mom, Yesterday, you asked me point-blank if I still believed in Jesus. Yesterday, you found out I’m no longer a Christian. Yesterday, the daughter you love, the daughter who would spend forever by your side, died. Yesterday, you had to face the fact that your daughter no longer lives in the faith she grew…

Using Religion to Discriminate | American Civil Liberties Union

With increasing frequency, we are seeing individuals and institutions claiming a right to discriminate—by refusing to provide services to women and LGBT people—based on religious objections.

Some Lawmakers Are Making The Separation Of Church And State Seem Like A Total Joke

Any decent, red-blooded American politician loves the Constitution. It seems fair, then, to expect these politicians to respect the very first right established by that great document: “Congress