Invisible Atheists: The Spread of Disbelief in the Arab World | The New Republic

The spread of disbelief in the Arab world.

Take That, Christian Right — Americans Go to Church About As Much As Godless Europeans | Alternet

America is not a Christian nation. We’re a secular nation that suffers a small but vocal minority of theocrats.

Church Of Bacon Offers Weddings, Baptisms And Funerals To Thousands Of Meat Lovers – (CREDIT: Getty/United Church of Bacon) | Guff

– (CREDIT: Getty/United Church of Bacon) #church, #church of bacon, #bacon, #meat lover

4 Ways Lawmakers Still Grovel to the Christian Right, Even As Right-Wing Religion Declines in America | Alternet

From Bibles to school prayer, legislatures are signaling their religious stripes.

Atheists answer questions about life, morality, meaning, raising good kids |

Atheists answer questions about life, morality, meaning, raising good kids |

10 egregious myths the religious perpetuate about atheists, debunked –

Nonbelievers do not lack a basic moral code — despite what the likes of David Brooks might have you believe

Turkey’s Atheists Face Hostilities, Death Threats

Onur Romano, a founding member of Turkey’s Atheism Association, opens the office and checks the mail. For once, he says, there are no death threats.

"Sometimes they send photos of som…

The challenges facing atheists in the U.S. – Videos – CBS News

Fifty-three percent of Americans say they’d be less likely to support an atheist for president, and almost half say they’d be unhappy if a family member married an atheist. Mo Rocca reports on the many consequences that those who come out as non-believers suffer in a nation founded on religious tolerance.

The Angry Athiest: Why Some Believers Perpetuate A False Stereotype Of Skeptics

People believe atheists are angrier than believers, yet when innate feeling was measured, atheists did not reveal more irate feelings than others.

Atheist Mom Gets Threats After School Cancels ‘Bible Man’ Visits

An atheist mother in Tennessee says she’s been getting threats on social media after her complaint led to the cancellation of school visits by a preacher nicknamed “Bible Man.”

Horace Turner, aka “Bible Man,” had been visiting…